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GPR scanning inside of metal track to locate electrical conduit for coring holes in elevated concrete slabs.

In many cases, a hole needs to be cored through a metal wall track to run electrical conduit for wall boxes. When this happends we will remove the wall track on the floor in the sections the scans are located and scan both sides of the wall. The job from the picture above, we found that the beam stopped just at the edge of the wall, and no steel was running parallel inside the wall. We did locate a run of electrical conduits that ran right through the third section of the wall. This was also the main location that was set to be cored with 4 cores. They just relocated the cores to the second and fourth sections and were able to avoid the electrical conduits all together. This was billed as 3 scans and came out to be about 1/15 of the price of hitting the conduits. In the long run, it is always cheaper to scan.

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