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Xenogenesis is different than most companies. We have never seen our clients as just a job. I admit that I have had employees like that in the past--and they either changed or they are no longer here. Just recently, Xenogenesis managed to free itself of a couple of rotten apples. Every firm has them and probably do not even know how badly they can make your firm look until they are gone.  I've personally met hundreds of individuals over the last decade that cast a dim light over the firms who employ them. At Xenogenesis we have always believed that the client is the most important part of our organization. Honestly, without the client we have no organization at all. Due to this we try to treat our clients the way we would like to be treated if the roles were reversed. This has never failed us over the years. I've had many times where we treated a client in this fashion and their response is Really? or are your crazy? 


I assure you that we are not crazy, we just care about our clients happiness with our firm. Here is why we get these responses:


If you call Xenogenesis to your jobsite and we point out that you already have a hole that you can use right where we were suppose to scan we will 100% of the time not charge you for the visit. We feel that if we did no work for you then you shouldn't have to pay us for it. Does your firm do that?


Earlier in the year I received a call from a firm in Charlotte, NC requesting that I visit their site and perform one single scan. I loaded my vehicle and proceeded to drive four hours to the site. When I arrived I met with the client and we proceeded to the area to be scanned. When we arrived it was obvious that there was already a hole in the area. The client indicated that this was the only area to be scanned and apologized for bringing us all that way for nothing. The client even said we could still charge them for the service. Xenogenesis does not work that way--so maybe we are crazy. We shook their hand and told them it was nice to see them, but there would be no charge because we did not do anything for them. The client was floored and indicated that no firm had ever done that for him. I ask you again....does your firm operate this way?


If Xenogenesis is scanning to place a hole in a wall and for some reason your firm can't core in the wall due to a beam or a conduit  which runs the length of the wall Xenogenesis will scan a completely new area for you, but we will not charge for the area you couldn't use even if it took vast amounts of time to scan. Would your RADAR firm do this for you?  Why would we expect your firm to pay for the same hole twice? 


If Xenogenesis comes to your jobsite and for any variety of reasons cannot get a decent image on our RADAR system we will still scan the area and try our best to give you what information we can, but if the signal is so bad we cannot have at least a little confidence we will not charge you for the scan. Xenogenesis wants our clients to get the professional job for which they paid. We will never draw lines on floors just to get paid. Can your firm say that?


Recently, a client contacted us to do twenty scans in a building in the Atlanta called the Mandarin. This particular building has some extremely difficult areas in it for RADAR imaging, but we proceeded to scan the areas to determine what we could find. We marked each area out to the best of our ability, but we were not confident of our results, so we suggested that they get the site physically x-rayed. The firm we were working for decided to proceed to get the area x-rayed (they provided proof) so we did not charge them anything for the twenty scans. Xenogenesis does not believe any firm should have to pay for our service if they are going to have to pay for similar service again when they are getting it x-rayed. It is more important that our clients get the best results possible and  in our opinion x-ray would have given them the best results in this building. This is more important to us than getting paid---again it sounds crazy. Would your RADAR firm give up payment for a job they did so that the client could get the best results possible?


    The unfortunate part of the story is that the firm did contact the x-ray firm to request that the floor be physically x-rayed only to have the testing firm show up with RADAR equipment. The testing firm (This is not a RADAR firm) scanned every area that we had scanned again and marked directly on our lines. Exactly where we marked. The holes were cored and there was absolutely nothing hit. The testing firm then charged one quarter of our typical price to do the scans. The client thought this was a great deal a quarter of the price and the same scans (because we did not charge for the scans). So a short time later the next phase of the project came up and the client contacted the testing firm once again to come scan because they wanted a lower price than Xenogenesis offered. The testing firm scanned all the locations requested and somewhere along the way they missed a fire alarm conduit. For anyone that has not damaged items in the floor a fire alarm conduit can cost upward of fifteen thousand dollars to repair depending on how much damage the water from coring causes. Suddenly, the super cheap scan became an excessively expensive scan because the testing firm only knew how to operate the equipment (much like every coring company) and they were not well versed in the nuances of the building. At the end of the day the testing firm walked away and the client was left to pay for the damage......and unfortunately the scans as well. Needless to say after that the client realized Xenogenesis RADAR imaging's value and four phases later we are still the scanning company that our client turns to on this project.


Over the years we have had many clients that have underbid a project or forgot to put the RADAR imaging in the bid only to call us later and ask if we could help them a little on the cost. I have always helped my clients with this I have even had a few times where we did not bill for a project so we could help our clients out----crazy huh?. Would your scanning firm do this? I have never turned down this request because I know that if your business fails my business fails and we are nothing without our clients. We also understand that in the course of a project items are sometimes overlooked and in the competitive market environment of today that can mean the difference between breaking even and losing money.


These are just a few examples of how Xenogenesis is different from other firms. Always ask yourself how would I like to be treated by a company-----that's what we do and then respond to every situation with the result of answering this simple question

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