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 Over the weekend I was privileged enough to get to work for one of my clients that I had not seen in a while. The firm I worked for called me bright and early because after numerous attempts to reach their "lower priced" RADAR firm they were unsuccessful in reaching them. I cannot even fathom the thought of having any of my clients encounter that issue. As the owner of my firm I have always guaranteed my clients that I will answer the phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays and I will drop everything I'm doing to meet their needs. I try to provide my clients with every possible number we have to try to make sure we are reachable.  I do this because my clients are important --without them my firm is nothing. 


The site I visited was the Bank of America building in downtown Atlanta. We were called to work on a side building that had numerous tension cables contained within the concrete. I met with our contact and he showed me that he just needed to move one hole from the area the other firm scanned to an area approximately two feet away. He indicated where the other firm had scanned and asked me if I knew what their marks meant. I looked at it and was shocked they had marked two single lines with spray paint and that was it. According to the site contact they did not indicate to him before they left what was marked and he was as confused as I was about the markings. I'm guessing they either did not have the time or the finances to mark the area properly.  As I began to unpack my equipment the technician coring the holes approached me and started to tell me that they were glad my firm was there to scan because the "lower priced" scanning company was typically up to 3 " off on their marks and that they miss a great deal of the items in the concrete. The coring technician had worked with this firm a great deal and had extensive knowledge of the other RADAR firms track record. I was informed that the firm I was working for has had many issues with this other "cheaper" firm but the project managers were blind to it because they were not onsite to see what was going on.


After I completed my scan of the area requested I decided to take a quick peak at the other firms scan and I just had to shake my head because they had marked two lines going in one direction but failed to mark the ones in the other. The lines which were marked were just single thin lines maybe 1/2" wide, but in no way covered the cables which appeared to be a group of three cables together. This was a tension cable building! Tension cables are not a joke they have the potential to damage the building as well as, injure personnel in the area. Apparently the other firm does not have the same respect for the cables as our firm does and that is troublesome. I asked the client why they chose the firm in question if they are always having issues and they indicated that their cost for service was the lowest and that is what their project managers based their decision on.

The site contact indicated that if it was up to him that Xenogenesis would always do his scans because he knows that we are accurate and reliable, but the people in the office see only the scanning price and not the additional costs that are hidden in the lower priced companies scans. What they fail to realize that the lower cost is just smoke and mirrors because over the course of time the lower cost firm will actually cost more. For example we have other firms that say they will scan a 3' x 3' area simply because we say a 2' x 2' area. We picked this size because it will encompass almost every size penetration but at the same time it allows for the client to get an idea of total cost for the service. If the area needs to be 3' x3' we have no problem scanning that size area and we don't charge extra for it our client know this. Another example is if the area has to be moved to a different wall that requires an additional scan or it even has to be moved twice we will only charge for the one scan because the client is only placing one hole and we do not feel that the client should have to pay for the additional scans.The lower priced firm doesn't do this! There are several questionable ways the other "cheaper" firms actually cost more which I will detail in a later post.   It has been our experience that typically the project managers only realize the true cost once something expensive is damaged because of the low cost scanning firms incompetency. 


Xenogenesis believes in being upfront and honest with our clients so we don't have to play the hidden cost game with them.

Our firm has always strived to provide accurate timely scans for our clients at a moments notice. Every time we go onsite we feel our reputation is on the line so we always try to go the extra mile. We will always meet with the client after the scans are complete to ensure that they understand our marks and that we have scanned a large enough area for them as well. If you are a project manager---talk to your people on site they can tell you the true story of what kind of service you are receiving for your investment.

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